Friday, January 18, 2008

camille's questionnaire

do u knit / crochet? knit
what do u like to make? scarves, hats so far. would like to progress to sweaters.
do u have a fave type of fibre? bulky or sparkly
do u have a least fave? very thin yarn or novelty ones that are tricky to knit with
do u do any other crafts? no
what knitting do u bring on the go? whatever current project is
what do u carry your knitting in? knitting bag got free with a magazine
are there any knitting gifts u have been lusting over? not really
what is your fave colour? brown, grey
least fave? none
what smells do u like? fruity smells
what don't u like? cinnamon, coffee
how do u pamper yourself? paint nails, do face mask
what goodies do u like to treat your tummy with? chocolate with caramel inside, soft cookies
do u prefer tea or coffee? don't drink either. don't do hot drinks.
do u listen to / watch anything while u knit? watch tv / dvds
where do u live? cambridge
have u always lived there? yes
if u could visit anywhere where would u go? australia
what kind of gathering would u go to? book group
what's your style? eclectic
any allergies/preferences? no
anything else? no

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