Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grand and Magical swag!

Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe it! I was told I had a parcel “full of sheep” but had to wait almost an entire day to finally open it. whereswoolly sent me: Fleece from just about any animal I could imagine and a plant or two!

Not the cat, but it took me some persuading to convince him that the tiger-tail wasn't "The BEST cat-toy EVER!!". Behold my excuse for fuzzy photos. The three-second interval I have between "OFF" (which he obeys) and the next bounce up to investigate. And excitement. :D

There was a complete set of tools, wires, rings and beads for stitchmarker making with a nice sheepy card:

Set of stitchmarkers - just the right wire for me, instruction booklet, Outdoor Magazine and two "Spin Off" which I'd been trying to find - on my way to sign up for subscription now. :-) :

The **Perfect** package. I'm so happy, I'm bouncing about the flat instead of packing the last (as I should be). Can't wait to get settled in to the new place so I can try everything. (For "settled in" read "found a place to hang my coat, and the box I packed my spindle in". :-) ) Apparently, this is the first box of two. O_o Is "swap-swag to die for" an acceptable reason for calling in sick? ^_^

Thank you for being the perfect upstream - communicative, funny and perceptive.